KayDee - The Return of the D (prod. by Willie Green)

by DM the Poet

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Just me blacking-out on another Willie Green track, I love this cat...


Said I was gifted, just never applied myself
But now I gotta, lyrically beside myself
Don't want the Prada, I'm just try'na do it for delph
And take care of my little homies with the fruit of my wealth
I'm just spittin'
It's musically my duty to melt
The microphone, the type of poem that truly excels
A dreampusher, and I put that one on my girl D
In the pursuit of a cause, or what would the world be
Better stand for something, or you'll fall for anything
You could stand on solid ground
Or fall for the industry
Don't try to gimmick-swerve
The penmanship is not so innocent
That I can't in a sense reverse this
Murk you on purpose
Purposefully reherse the murder to further the fee
Written in blood, enter the thug
Witness my emcee murdering spree
And we can call it the Return of the D...


released January 16, 2012
Emcee - DM the Poet
Production - Willie Green
Mixing/Mastering - Mudd Buddha



all rights reserved



Music is that which reaches into the ether to tell us something profound about ourselves, an intangible language spoken in the tongues of that very charismatic energy that birthed both us as humans and the greater us as existence...the true musical artisan distills the artist out of the artiface, forever dodging the pendulum of the artificial. ... more

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