KayDee - Gil Scott's Bastard (prod. by Downtown Music)

by DM the Poet

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This is a poem that won a poetry contest at my college and afforded me the opportunity to see the great Maya Angelou, I decided to dedicate it to Gil Scott-Heron & Will "Da Real One" Bell after we lost those two poets in 2011.


The more I grow & mature
The more it becomes apparent
That Gill Scott-Heron was just a poet
He was a parent
But apparently hip-hop forgot to grant him merit
And because he's not inerrant
He was smeared by public parrots
For drugs...
And it bugs me that I'll never get to read
Of Newton, Garvey, or Evers
In my books on modern history
It really gets to me
Cuz my curriculum's a modern mystery
So listen please
Don't forget to remember
To remember me

So if it's true that home is where the hatred is
Then you taught us that free will is a moving target
As the pieces of a man flashback to evolution
Know that the revolution will never be televised
Use your real eyes to seek the secrets of morning thoughts
And may your spirits send reflections
Of a message to the messengers
Spreading their small talk
Out on 125th and Lennox
You will forever be missed
As we reminisce


released January 7, 2012
Poetics - KayDee (a/k/a DM the Poet)
Production - Downtown Music
Mix/Mastered - Mudd Buddha



all rights reserved



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