KayDee - How I Overcame (prod. by Willie Green)

by DM the Poet

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I just really dug this beat from the Willie Green beat tape "...of Heroes and Villains" so I blacked-out on it and started ripping just cuz I felt lik spitting...enjoy! #TampaHipHop



There's a never-ending query into how I overcame
Gotta find a meaning and a way to show the pain
In your art, in your life
From your heart, from your brain
From the part of your soul that helps you maintain
That helps you peep game in peeps to keep sane
In reach of a goal
That reaches in your soul
To teach you to control, the feat within the fold
It's featured in the mold
Of meek as we behold
A preacher from a pulpit of streets
Out in the cold
And he's bearing his soul
From his 59Fifty to the soles of his feet
From the tips of his fingers to his toes, so unique
He's keeps it frozen & sweet
Like Italian Ice gotta keep my prose on repeat
I'm just the chosen one
Lyrically explode on a beat
And if your frozen son
Then I'm a lotus Calvin Broadus lungs
Sign a deal and I will prolly puff until I blow a ton
I keeps it rolling son
Shoulda said I keep it moving on the run
Steady reaching for dreams
Show and proving with my puns
If you do it like then you do it for the love and the fun
So that one day maybe you can overcome...aight, one.


released June 10, 2011
Emcee - KayDee
Producer - Willie Green
Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Mudd Buddha



all rights reserved



Music is that which reaches into the ether to tell us something profound about ourselves, an intangible language spoken in the tongues of that very charismatic energy that birthed both us as humans and the greater us as existence...the true musical artisan distills the artist out of the artiface, forever dodging the pendulum of the artificial. ... more

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