KayDee - Original (remix)

by DM the Poet

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This is a well received remix I made of a track from two comrades in the TampaHipHop music scene...this is my rendition of "Original" by the esteemed Dyansty & Laws. Enjoy...


Original what they call me
I am Rastafari like Bob Marley
I might seem quiet but I do like to party
And I'm rolling with a dynasty, like Diana Hardy
The DarkMeat...but I'm better known as DM
And when I'm spittin' I become a different human being
Cuz everytime I write a rhyme
I let the people see in my soul
I'm out of my mind, and out of control
Out & about try'na break-up out of the mold
So if I knock on your door
Invite me out of the cold
I won't be pigeon-holed
I can't be sold a high for the lie
So if you wanna try tell me why
And if you try'na buy then you high as the sky
I just do not know ya
I'm not that kinda soldier I told ya
I'm hip-hop like Tupac in Gridlock'd
The type to roc the mic
And might burn the dosia
Original what they call this
I'm critical, lyrically I'm coming the hardest
And hope floats homie
Take notes and absorb this
You try'na buy bars, Xanax for the hopeless
I articulate my art with intelligent focus
Say it's a revolution! Fall in with accordance
In other words the Beautiful Struggle is gorgeous
And I need to bail-out, cuz the system is horrid
So, they say that I'm illr than a killer in jail
I really feel 'em cuz Phillie we know that life's about trust
I could chase this rabbit to the end of his trail
But in the ending it's killing me cuz it's all about us
We, exude irony of poverty and piety
The cops keep an eye on me
Like every single day
Looking for a way that they bust me
Homie there ain't no justice
In cuffs they will rush me away...


released December 1, 2011
Emcee - KayDee
Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Mudd Buddha
Producer - unknown
Original Rendition - Laws & Dynasty



all rights reserved



Music is that which reaches into the ether to tell us something profound about ourselves, an intangible language spoken in the tongues of that very charismatic energy that birthed both us as humans and the greater us as existence...the true musical artisan distills the artist out of the artiface, forever dodging the pendulum of the artificial. ... more

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